Shindaiku Footbridge


Shindaiku town has historically had close relationships with the Netherlands.When walking toward upstream from Dejima along the Nakashima River, you will arrive at the shindaiku footbridge. This bridge is located at the city entrance on the Nagasaki-Kaido Road, known as historical Sugar trade Road started from Dejima. It was planned not only to connect the two new buildings, but also to reinforce the city connection.

The structural system is a portal flame ramen, a road overcrossing facility commonly seen in Japan. The longitudinal slope is designed with a 5% gradient and vertical curves to allow for water evacuation on the deck.This makes it to emphasize a crossing experience of the bridge, and Mt. Inasa can be seen from the center of the bridge. The elevation is shaped polyhedral to follow bending moment diagram and height clearance of tram and car. The two main plate girders are open cross-sections to facilitate inspections and drainage pipe replacement. The foundation was deep foundation piles due to the restrictions of the existing underground facilities.The color scheme was inspired by the color of sugar, a light beige that harmonizes with the color of the surroundings. The detailing of the railings and the paint specifications are related to the Dejima footbridge, so that the two bridges over the Nagasaki-Kaido have relationship followed historical context.


Program | Complete mission for architectural and structural design of footbridge
Study | 2020-2021
Client|City of Nagasaki
Budget| 230,000,000yen
Scale|Length 35.2m, Main span 27.4m, Width 3.0m
Architect & Engineer | Ney & Partners
Site | Nagasaki, Japan
Image credit | Noriyuki Yamagashira, Takuma Matsumura

新大工町歩道橋 Shindaiku Footbridge