Nagasaki Station Park Canopies & Public furniture


New Nagasaki station is planned to be opened in 2022. There will be two large squares in front of this station, the east exit and the west exit. East gate is a for local railway line, and West Gate is for shinkansen. In 2020, the east gate is opened to public and we designed two canopies,72m long x 5m wide for public transportation and 67m long x 5m wide for regular vehicles. The roof structure comprises of sandwich panels of 6 and 9mm thicknesses, containing transverse stiffeners inside. These canopies are designed in modular system. It can be adopted to any dimension and applied in any location. Street furniture such as guard fence, lighting poles, and signage are also designed with canopy. Three canopies with the same system and a large timber canopy,168m long x 10m wide for the east gate will be constructed in 2023.


Program | Canopy, Fence, Bollard, Lighting pole and Signage
Study | 2016-2021
Execution | 2020-2021(West gate park), 2022- Under construction(East gate park)
Client | Nagasaki city
Architect & Engineer | Ney & Partners
Site | Nagasaki, Japan
Image credit | Takuma Matsumura

JR長崎駅前広場 キャノピー・ファニチャー Nagasaki Station Park Canopies & Public furniture