Dejima Canopy


A canopy with a length of 18m, a width of 4.5m and a height of 2.5m, located on the river bank on the Edo-machi side of the Dejima footbridge.
Since many tourists who visit Dejima are on group buses, it is large enough for a tourist guide to give a historical explanation while looking at Dejima. In order to make it a place where citizens can easily use the event, we have prepared a minimum of electricity and water supply. A tetrahedral roof has a simple four-sided geometrical shape, but the roof (top surface) and the ceiling surface (bottom surface) have alternate ridges, which makes it appear as various shapes.
Since the columns are arranged alternately every 4.5m, the span is about 7m. Steel pipes with a diameter of 100 mm and a thickness of 16 mm are used, and the roof and columns are joined by screws. At the end of the roof, a plate with a thickness of 30 mm is machined to connect the roof panel with the top and bottom plates of a 6 mm steel plate and the stiffener of 450 mm pitch, and also functions as a drainage channel. Since the structural members are designed as they are, they can be realized at an economical cost. The sharp edges and tetrahedral geometry of the roof make the paper look like a thin roof floating in the air. By using a paint containing stainless flakes that reflects glittering particles, it dissolves into the landscape and disappears, combined with the shape and reflection of light.


Program| Complete mission for architectural and structural design of canopy
Study | 2013-2015
Client|City of Nagasaki
Architect & Engineer | Ney & Partners
Site | Nagasaki, Japan
Image credit | Ney & Partners, momoko japan

AACA Award 1st prize, Good design awards

出島キャノピー Dejima Canopy